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Recruitment brochure (position: design engineer)

I. Requirements and Number of Recruiting Positions: 7 Mechanical Engineers


Mechanical Engineer Responsibilities:

1. According to customer requirements for equipment development, design, improvement and improvement.
2. Be responsible for following up the production of processing drawings and assembly drawings of the project.
3. Responsible for standard parts and workpiece follow-up.
4. Cooperate with assembly and electric control on-site assembly, debugging and after-sales problems.


mechanical engineer job requirements:

1. Full-time Junior College degree or above in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, fresh graduates are preferred.
2. Proficient in using CAD\solidworks and other drawing software and office office software.
3. Proficient in engineering drawing standards and understanding the selection of tolerance coordination.
4. Understand mechanical design principles and electrical principles.
5. Innovation and team spirit.


II. Salary and Treatment
   After passing the probation period of 1-3 months, a formal labor contract will be signed, with 5 insurances, salary negotiable, performance bonus, output value team bonus, holiday gifts, year-end bonus, 3 meals, room allowance, car allowance, etc.

Three. Working time

Do five days off from 9:00 to 17:30, work overtime and travel.


Four. Work Address

Qingdao Jiaozhou Ligezhuang Japan-US Industrial Park


V. Contact Information

Contact: Ms. Li

Mobile phone: 13156252663

Telephone: 0532-8828-5882 extension 809

Company official website: