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Human Resources

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Non-standard automation machinery designer


1. In-depth understanding of customer needs, the feasibility of the project assessment, the output of the project evaluation report, the development of project technical solutions, accounting costs, evaluation of quotations.

2. Decompose the project technical agreement, form a project team, decompose the project work content to individuals, formulate the overall project schedule, and follow up the overall implementation of the project until the project acceptance payment.

3. Track the landing of the project from time to time, communicate and coordinate with customers and relevant departments of project execution from time to time, assist the production department in equipment assembly and equipment improvement, and ensure the delivery of the project on time, quality and quantity.

4. According to the quality management requirements and project technical parameters, assist the quality department to carry out equipment acceptance, improve the internal technical agreement, strictly control the quality of the production process, put forward effective solutions to the quality problems caused by equipment design in time, and improve the qualified rate of project quality.

5. Regularly prepare, change, update and file the relevant output data of the project organization, and assist the quality department in certification and acceptance.

6. Output the project closing report and extract the successful experience of the project.

7. Supervise the quality of all stages of project implementation, assist in project acceptance, and actively cooperate with other departments to complete project delivery.

8. According to the project program and technical parameters, the preparation of mechanical technical information.



1. Junior College degree or above in mechanical related major, at least 3 years relevant working experience

2. Familiar with mechanical principle and electrical principle

3, skilled use of Slidworks and other design software

4, master the engineering drawing standards, understand the selection of tolerance fit

5. Innovation and team spirit

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Electrical Control Engineer


1, the new project can be implemented assessment and design, risk avoidance; Responsible for the planning of new projects, personnel deployment and guidance.

2, analysis of the project technical agreement, the development of project schedule, accounting for the cost of electrical systems, output electrical BOOM.

3. Review electrical drawings and guide team members to design IO tables.

4. Design and develop PLC, touch screen, robot and other programs.

5. Output solutions for key difficult problems.

6. Control the construction quality of each stage of project implementation, organize and lead the functional acceptance of PLC program of the project, and actively cooperate with other departments to complete the project debugging.


1. Junior College degree or above, major in computer, automation, etc

2, familiar with Siemens or Mitsubishi PLC, motion control programming and debugging work, familiar with the working principle of commonly used electrical parts, understand the relevant system diagram or schematic diagram

3. Have strong logical ability and ability to solve problems independently, have good organization and coordination ability, and have strong ability to resist pressure

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Group Engineer


According to the assembly process, technical parameters, work order and other information, complete the equipment assembly on time.
According to the project requirements, overall project planning, tracking, coordination and feedback work
Deal with technical abnormalities in production and after-sales links and promote the overall progress of the project.
Analyze and solve problems, put forward constructive suggestions and solutions for institutional anomalies, and track the results.
Implement the customer's on-site project implementation plan, communicate effectively with customers in time and feedback customer problems in time, and complete the on-site acceptance results of the project.
According to the quality management requirements and project technical parameters, strictly control the quality of the production process, and effectively solve the quality problems to meet the internal acceptance standards.



1. Mechanical related major or technical school graduate is preferred

2. Excellent performance can be transferred to research and development design,

3. Mechanical processing is preferred,

3. Can understand 3D or floor plan